The Cortile del Belvedere or Belvedere Court was a major architectural work … PRA (1829 - 1896) RA Collection: Art Millais was only twelve when he drew this plaster cast of a classical sculpture in the Royal Academy Schools, a year after he had first enrolled. Copy of the head of the original in the Vatican. As the god of “Mousike” (the Art of Muses), Apollo presides overall music, songs, dance, and poetry. Gift of Henry Pickering, 1824. Marble statue (Vatican Mus.) About 353–c. Sir John Everett Millais Bt. It is probably a Roman copy of a Classical or Hellenistic Greek bronze, and Leochares has been proposed as the sculptor of the lost original. 350 bc Leochares worked with Scopas on the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, one of the Seven Wonders of the World.Most of his attributions are from ancient records. of the Greek god Apollo, discovered towards the end of the 15th century (the exact date is unknown, as is the place of discovery) and named after the Belvedere Court in the Vatican, where it was displayed from 1511. The base of a statue inscribed with his name, however, was found in Athens. Except for ancient Roman copies of older Greek sculptures, museums do not, as a rule, knowingly exhibit copies or objects with questionable Leochares, (flourished 4th century bc), Greek sculptor to whom the Apollo Belvedere (Roman copy, Vatican Museum) is often attributed. Modern visitors to art museums have the reasonable expectation of seeing original works of art. Marble, 66.1 x 56.2 x 40 cm. Belvedere Court. The Apollo Belvedere, December 1841. He is the inventor of string-music and the frequent companion of the Muses. The Apollo Belvedere, or Pythian Apollo, has inspired artists’ anatomical learning since its rediscovery in the fifteenth century. The artist employs red chalk to depict the statue, a drawing technique preferred by a number of Renaissance artists, including Leonardo Da Vinci who used the medium in his own anatomical corpus. Apollo Belvedere, ca.1799.

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