After about twenty minutes, I added the base and mushed the zucchini down to a sauce-like consistency, and it stayed that way for about two hours. Former royal chef Darren McGrady previously disclosed that the Queen does not care much for starchy carbs like pasta, rice and potatoes - but Meghan is not the only royal who likes to cook comfort food when she's not in the company of the monarch! As the dish continued cooking on low, the zucchini fell apart, and I began to enjoy the process of meal prep. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. We were skeptical. I modified Delish’s recipe, throwing only zucchini, water, salt and pepper, and a bouillon cube in a pot after allowing a bit of olive oil to heat up. The American actress lived on her own for years, and like all conscientious cooks, she learned her own kitchen tips and tricks. These fine dining-at-home dinner boxes are a real treat for foodies, Move over Nutella, you can now get Ferraro Rocher in a spread delivered to your door, Indulge in Donal Skehan’s simple but sumptuous chocolate biscuit cake, Coca-Cola’s ‘alcoholic water’ falls flat over health fears. Before Meghan Markle became a royal darling and fashion icon, the current Duchess of Sussex (yes, I know she's not a princess) was very open about her life. When it comes to food, Meghan Markle loves something comforting just as much as any of us, but also likes to keep it nice and healthy. I was so proud of my efforts that I invited my partner over, to show him that I can in fact work a stove, and he also loved the pasta. Meghan once revealed that she cooks a ‘filthy, sexy’ version of a traditional pasta dish by slow-cooking courgette for four to five hours – a recipe that was inspired by a friend. Hi, hello. I cut up the zucchini into medallions and threw them into a dutch oven, setting the heat on medium. Meghan described how she made the vegetarian style bolognese dish by cooking it for several hours with water and a bouillon cube until the vegetable becomes soft enough to toss with pasta. *, Meghan Markle spoiled by Prince Harry on low-key 39th birthday, 10 Netflix documentaries that aren’t true crime for you to watch, Ex Dublin M&S worker shares hilarious tale about doing family Christmas food shop, The best take away in Ireland announced at National Takeaway Awards, British actors banned from playing young Prince William in upcoming film, Valentino co-founder shares unseen holiday photo of his friend Princess Diana, Lidl launches new premium tonic to bring more joy to your gin. This included what she ate in a day and her favorite pasta sauce recipe. This means she can keep the use of butter, oil, and cream to a minimum but still keep her pasta … As in, the sauce was not very liquid-y, despite the water content from the zucchinis themselves and the added water. Did it still work? Instead of “pouring” the zucchini sauce onto a bowl of pasta, it kinda plopped. It was revealed by the Queen’s former royal chef Darren McGrady revealed starchy carbs like pasta, rice and potatoes are disliked by the monarch, who prefers to eat meals containing fish or meat and vegetables instead. I stayed true to how Meghan describes making this pasta. Maybe I should buy a crockpot? If you like pasta, you'll be pleased to know that Meghan Markle has a zucchini bolognese pasta recipe that's by now pretty much as famous as the royal duchess herself. After about 4 hours zucchini should be falling apart and mushy. Basically, if Meghan Markle does it, I’m down to try it too. Before it even touched my tongue, I could tell that the sauce was flavorful. Here’s Meghan Markle’s famous recipe for zucchini bolognese pasta and my verdict! I am a Meghan Markle sexy pasta purist. Meghan Markle’s Zucchini Pasta Sauce. Sarah Templeton ... and casually dropped a mind-blowing hack for slow-cooked "sexy" pasta sauce in the process. I stirred the “sauce” every fifteen minutes or so, just to make sure it wasn’t burning. With Meghan and Harry now living away from the rest of the royal family, we imagine that they are eating plenty of pasta in Los Angeles. We’ll definitely be trying this trick. During an interview with Delish, Meghan dished on what she eats during an average day, and casually dropped a mind-blowing pasta sauce hack in the process.

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