However, if you have enough memory RAM and you want to save some CPU you can disable it. The System and Compressed Memory Service high CPU usage issue occurs on Windows 10 computers without an obvious reason. She then told me that several Windows updates later she would see a process called System and compressed memory … If you noticed that stopping other services can’t fix your system and compressed memory high CPU usage on Windows 10, you can determine to end Windows system and compressed memory process. After the boot I went to youtube and started playing a video, then the audio and video glitched again. Solution 3: Disable System and Compressed Memory Process. Right now my system is running at 65% of my 16 gig of ram and running my CPU at 40 to 50%, and it will do this indefinitely until I reboot the system. Now on the administrative tools window look for Task Scheduler and double-click on it. Disable Superfetch to Fix System and Compressed Memory High Disk Usage Superfetch is a Windows service that aims to monitor and improve your system performance. Since this is a daunting task, sometimes, Superfetch can also cause your disk usage to rise up to 100%. Go to "Shut down or sign out" > "Restart". Steps to perform a restart: Step 1. Anyway. Restart Your PC to Fix System and Compressed Memory High Disk Usage. That is also what plagues your mind. During any other process, you must have changed it to a certain number. Step 2. Now Expand Task Schedule Library -> Microsoft -> Windows -> MemoryDiagnostic. Yesterday I managed to finish all my work and close all the tabs, then restarted my computer. Disable the System and compressed memory process altogether. How to disable the system and compressed memory? Step 5: Choose Disable from the options available. In this guide, you will learn some simple solutions that will help you to effectively reduce the disk and CPU usage by the system and compressed memory.. System and Compressed Memory — Main Causes Fix 4. It can be a reason as the paging size will affect the system and compressed memory. Method 2: Virtual memory. Restart the computer to see the change. Disable the System and Compressed Memory Click on windows 10 start menu search, type Administrative Tools and hit the enter key. Fix 3. I think he has probably 4gb and running low therefore to prevent paging all OS's now compress the memory since it is faster than paging out to disk and back. The System process is consuming a good chunk of memory. I opened the task manager and saw "System and compressed memory" on top of the list. Follow the steps below to set the page file size: I tested with Process Explorer and found that System and Compressed Memory Services are causing this problem, and it’s killing my gaming time. This is memory compression as a precursor to paging out to disk when there is low memory. At times, the system and compressed memory process use up to 100% of your application’s disk space, causing low processing speed. Click the "Start" icon. Typically, the System and Compressed Memory process only uses a small number of your computer resources, including CPU, RAM, and Disk. Up to today, I have faced this issue several times, either in clean Windows 10 installation(s) or in many Windows 10 computers and tablets such as … Usually, a restart solves most of the weird cases, and System and compressed memory high CPU issue is no exception.

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