I know teflon is a bird killer and got rid of all my teflon pans when Cody (my cockatiel) came to live with me but I'm not sure what, if any safe alternatives there are. These are generally safe options. I have another new bird owner question. Aluminum Cookware In a condition called "Teflon Toxicosis," birds can literally suffocate when the fumes enter the lungs, which leads to … If a cook has a pet bird, she should avoid using Teflon. 3. These fumes are even lethal to birds, kill millions of pets every year . Health concerns about using ceramic and enamel stem from components used in making, glazing or decorating the cookware, such as lead or cadmium. Hi everyone!! I currently use stainless steel for everything but there are certain dishes that just don't come out right. Old Cookware – teflon will age and deteriorate over time. As the cookware ages, the toxic PTFE is more likely to be emitted as a gas which can harm your birds. Many green companies have come out with a Teflon alternative that is generally pretty safe, and a much better alternative to the toxic cookware that DuPont creates. This is because the respiratory systems of birds are extremely sensitive to the fumes emanating from Teflon-coated cookware. There are pretty good alternatives to non-stick cookware, and I’ll list those below. Damaged Cookware – scratches, dents and small holes in non-stick cookware can also raise the chances of your cookware emitting toxic PTFE gases.

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