Save time lesson planning by exploring our library of educator reviews to over 550,000 open educational resources (OER). Drilling is important however it is often boring for students so adding in some fun elements can encourage them to participate. A simple worksheet where students match prepositions with pictures would be good practice as well. Students complete 6 sentences about the position of the animals by writing the word "on" in each sentence. They match the pictures to the words that describe them such as under, in, in front of, and near. Perfect for a middle school classroom, this two-page reference guide introduces subject-verb agreement and gives 10 specific explanations and examples. ESL Preposition of Place- Where is the Ball? Trying to find a way for your eighth graders to use more variety in their writing? Learners discuss how to use adjectives, adverbs and prepositional phrases to enhance their work. Young writers practice printing the word "under." Written descriptions accompany their... Hidden within these sentences are prepositions; think your students can find them? In this grammar worksheet, students identify the type of noun underlined in twenty sentences as a direct object, indirect object, object of the preposition or as a predicate nominative. It's important for youngsters to understand common prepositions; use this drawing worksheet to give them some practice. Instead of using basic sentences, this worksheet provides pictures, and the pupil must describe the picture using a preposition. For instance, typically prepositions would be covered before moving onto the past or future tenses. In this online prepositions of time worksheet, learners choose the proper preposition to match a given word. Repeat until all students are seated. Learn about the role prepositions play in a slideshow presentation about phrasal verbs. The words below are a good set to begin with:- in- in front of- on- behind- under- above- between- next toThe vocabulary you introduce may depend on the textbook being used. Students do this for 15 sentences. After being introduced to each, have them use a marker, pen, or drawing utensil to join the preposition listed to... Clarify what a preposition truly is. Page has a link to additional activities. Prepositions of place are an important part of the English language and will enable students to create more complex sentences. Who knows where or when? In this preposition review worksheet, students practice printing the word in. This presentation gives young writers ways to start sentences in interesting ways. Students answer 10 multiple choice questions, using the drop down menu on each to select the correct answer. Students may click on an answer button for immediate feedback. Gather teaching strategies from this resource to give your learners lots of practice and meet Common Core standards! Usually no more than about ten questions are asked. Use a handy instructional activity to review prepositional and adjective phrases. Students receive one half of a sentence on a card. It would... What are you worried about today? They write a paragraph using spatial order to describe their room (or home, or special place) to the class. The sentences contain subject, verb, object, preposition and object of preposition. Most early elementary students will not know the answer to question one. In this idiomatic preposition worksheet, students complete 8 fill in the blank sentences, completing them correctly. Ayn Rand’s Anthem provides the text for a series of exercises that ask readers to analyze how Rand uses antimetabole, epistrophe, parallelism, and repetition to create meaning.

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