Throughout the 1960’s the MD421 was adopted by recording studios and performers all over the world. Steane’s ‘Ellipsoid’ Ribbon Microphone Circa 1948. Frequency response (Microphone) 30 - 17000 Hz. ( Log Out /  Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 2 mV/Pa +- … Colour: black, sound inlet basket: refined steel, black. © 2020 Sennheiser electronic GmbH & Co. KG | United Kingdom. Feel free to contact us! Here is a review from Hi-Fi Sound (Dec 1967). June 1964 , festival Hall Melbourne , Beatles used this model , great memories . In 1971 George Harrison and Ravi Shankar held their famous Concert for Bangladesh at New York’s Madison Square Garden. A five-position bass roll-off switch gives you impressive power to sculpt the frequency response and helps you manage proximity effect when close-miking your amplifier. In fact some say that these early MD421-2 models (which have no bass roll-off switches) sound better than the new ones! For most recording conditions and broadcast applications. The max SPL this combination was able to produce was 150 dB and the THD level recorded by a MD 421 was below 1% (produced by the driver not by the mic), A legendary cardioid mic with clear sound reproduction. 385 g. Sensitivity in free field, no load (1kHz) 2 mV/Pa +- 3 dB. Effortlessly handles even the loudest electric guitar. Its excellent sound qualities enable it to cope with the most diverse recording conditions and broadcasting applications. terminating im pedance 200 Ω, dimensions 215 x 46 x 49 mm, weight approx. Other examples I can think of (also from the 1960’s) are the AKG D202 and the D222. 385 g. Pick-up pattern. Many thanks for this information. Microphone. ( Log Out /  (Tuchel these days is a branch of Amphenol !) You need to have the peaks in the right range of your freq spectrum complimentary to your tone. Change ), A Classic Dynamic Microphone. You have also made me think that perhaps I ought to write a post on vintage connectors. The MD421 sports a frequency response of 30-17,000 Hz, which is excellent for a dynamic microphone, especially in the low end, and especially for a design introduced more than 50 years ago. The MD 421-II is a dynamic microphone and does not require 48V Phantom Power to operate. )/ Klangfilm (?) Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. Excellent for brass, delivering smooth full tone, and rich timbre. (N.B. )/ Telefunken (? There are some YouTube videos of this show Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Product Information quency response 30 – 17, 000 Hz, sensitivity (free field, no load) 2 mV/Pa ± 3 dB at 1 kHz, nominal impedance 200 Ω, min. 0333 240 8185 Easy handling due to pronounced directivity. Unfortunately at the moment all the theatres are closed. 55 years later the 421 is still in the Sennheiser catalogue and continues to be one of the best-selling microphones ever made! Good Luck with your recordings! . All the Best A Sorry Tale! Frequency response (Microphone) 30 - 17000 Hz. This saying is not technically exactly correct but for every day use of dynamic microphones you will not find gain limitations. Introduced in 1960, the Sennheiser MD421 is a robust, large diaphragm, cardioid, dynamic microphone originally designed as a general purpose tool for the German broadcasting industry. Rather like Amphenol in the States Tuchel made connectors in many different pin configurations. Well you need to take into account the whole frequency response of the mic. If it is not the right freq peak, then combining the mic with another will only create unnecessary resonance peaks in the wrong place. It is interesting that in the UK we often refer to the small German 3 pin microphone connectors as DIN plugs and the larger ones as Tuchel. Here at Sennheiser we use dynamic microphones for distortion measurements on loudspeakers at very high sound pressure levels. The MD 421 II is one of the best known microphones in the world. ( Log Out /  It has an excellent frequency response from 30 Hz to 17 kHz with a brightness boost at around 4-5 kHz making it perfect for speech and vocals. A Rare Siemens (? Here are some sound clips of my MD421-2 in action. Transducer principle (Microphone) dynamic. Its high sensitivity and slight increase in response towards high frequencies are responsible for its brilliant sound. Does the MD 421-II require 48V Phantom Power? That is correct and I have modified my last paragraph accordingly. Digital workflows for flawless daily business. Introduced in 1960, the Sennheiser MD421 is a robust, large diaphragm, cardioid, dynamic microphone originally designed as a general purpose tool for the German broadcasting industry. The five position bass control enhances its 'all-round' qualities. I have been working on a number of Rock’n’Roll theatre shows here in the UK and have mostly used the 421 on guitar cabs, also on drums (excellent on kick) and also on trombone and tenor sax. UNITRA Tonsil MCU-53 Cardioid Condenser (1970’s/80’s). 55 years… cardioid. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. The MD 421-II does not require 48V Phantom Power to operate however the presence of 48V Phantom Power should not adversely affect the operation of the MD 421-II. Weight. Additional questions? At SPL levels above 160 dB some mechanical problems might occur (for example the voice coil might crash onto the magnet) but these SPL levels are very hard to find in real world. It still sounds as good as it ever did. Especially good on drums and percussion, producing both punch and fine detail. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. At Sennheiser we have measured the SPL and THD inside a large 2" driver/horn combination with a MD 421. The studio cardioid microphone MD 421 features a wide frequency response from 30 to 17,000 Hz. It is a common saying that dynamic microphones just have no maximum SPL. Great for speech and vocals both in the studio and on stage. Klein Tuchel DIN 41524 (small) and Grosse Tuchel DIN 41624 (large). Weight. Dynamic microphone The MD 421 is one of the most famous microphones in the world. Will the presence of 48V Phantom Power affect the MD 421-II? Due to its sonic qualities, it can be used in various recording situations and in all areas of sound transmission technology. Martin, Thank you for the review! 385 g. Bass control “M“ Dip resulting from bass control ( Log Out /  I am about to possibly buy two for $600 (one late seventies; the other 80’s/90’s), I will be lugging these around Detroit with fetheads and my Zoom H6 for street musicians and street interviews (and home recording and interviews with politicos), That sounds like a good price! The stage was positively bristling with MD421s, including all of the stars’ lead vocal mics  (Eric Clapton, Ringo Star, George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Leon Russell and Billy Preston)  Check out the video: –, My Sennheiser MD421-2 pictured above with its rare script logo is a fine example from the early 1960’s. Especially in combination. Yes indeed! The early ’60s 421s, also with their script logo, did have the bass roll-off on the DIN (connector) version, the broadcast version with Tuchel connectors did not. Both were types of Tuchel connector and both had DIN numbers! Sennheiser MD421 (Circa 1960),, American Microphone Company D9A/ D9AT ‘Skyscraper’ (1938- circa 1958), Electro-Voice DO56L Dynamic Shock Mount Omni circa 1980. Digitize your AV management workflow. Nominal impedance. 1. It has an excellent frequency response from 30 Hz to 17 kHz with a brightness boost at around 4-5 kHz making it perfect for speech and vocals. The 1960’s was of course  a time of experimentation and innovation, and one unusual feature of the MD421 is that the body is made of plastic which is rare for a high quality professional microphone. These two features make the MD 421 II extremely versatile with all types of guitar rigs. This might just be a myth spread about by owners of old 421-2s!). For free and easy to use. Easy handling due to its directivity. What is the maximum Sound Pressure Level (SPL) for the MD 421-II?

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