Q: What did you tell her after she said those words?A: I asked her again what happened. Q: Why is the condition of Jedamica Mae Delos Santos attributable to poisoning rather than to disease or some natural cause? Judge: Atty. The Mock Trial Script And Script Verdict Form IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF VALENZUELA, VALENZUELA CITY PHILIPPINES Plaintiff vs. CRIMINAL INDICTMENT No. PROSECUTOR FAGTANAC: Which for purposes of identification, Your Honor, I would like to request the marking of the signature appearingabove the printed name of Jedamica Mae Delos Santos as Exhibit A-1. Judge: We have now heard arguments from both sides in the case of People of the Philippines vs Benedito I must now decide if the Statehas proven beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty of frustrated murder. The Law Society of NSW - Mock Trial, 170 Phillip Street, Sydney NSW 2000 www.lawsociety.com.au Page 2 2016 1st Elimination Round Defence Script LEGAL NOTES Duty of Care For the purpose of this mock trial, a duty of care, if one is owed, is a duty to take precautions to avoid 1 0 obj Most mock trials are available free of charge or a nominal cost. Q: Unguarded?A: If the patient does not follow the treatment plan, the possibility of relapse is high. By that we ask for a verdict of guilty your honor. Q: Could you explain to the court what you mean by that Doctor?A: Even though the normal duration is 1 to 2 hours, there are some cases in which the signs and symptoms of cyanide poisoning in apatient may be delayed and appear beyond the normal duration. What was the color of the juice?A: Yellow. The patients blood was found to have 1.5mg/dL cyanide content. Do you recognize the personwho owned this number?A: Yes, that is the mobile number of the accused, Your Honor. Harry Potter, please rise to hear the charge. We will call on our next witness. Were you not concerned during the time that she suffered fromdepression? PROSECUTOR SANTILICES: This witness, Your Honor, Dr. Reynier Dingle, will testify on the findings in the medico-legal report preparedby him to prove the following: (i) that the effective cause of the complainants condition is chemical poisoning; (ii) that the dose takenby the complainant is necessarily fatal; and (iii) that the possible source of the cyanide poison is the grape fruit juice prepared by theaccused. Q: Is this document the record of the treatment you went through under Dr. Cherie Naomi Garcia? Jedamica which made her wanting to kill her by poisoning. Q: So could you positively say that you had no idea about what transpired on that day, September 17, 2017, before the incident at theengagement party happened? Judge: Everyone but the jury may be seated. RABINO: The witness is being presented to testify on the character and suicidal tendencies of the complainant. Q: The anti-depressant pills that you prescribed; do they have any side effects?A: I asked the patient what she felt after taking the medication. It revealed the presence of trace amounts of cyanide in the blood, and since cyanideis not normally found in our blood and considering its chemical nature, it is poisonous. May we proceed, Your Honor? Q: What made you conclude that the patient was suffering from this condition?A: The symptoms of SED, which include insomnia, loss of appetite, which may, or may not lead to weight loss, mood swings and hypnoticspells, matched with the results of the patients physical examination. Q: Do you have any other companion in the apartment where you and Jedamica stay?A: None. Exhibit F is the Box of Rat Killer to prove the source of the poison which was bought by the accused. Fatima Lim Court Clerk Jay-r Berida Court Stenographer Aquino, Mark - Narrator____________________________________________________________________________________________________________Narrator: Greetings Everyone! Her vital signs then were: Bloodpressure 80/50 mmHg, Cardiac rate of 50 beats per minute, Respiratory Rate of 12 cycles per minute and temperature of 37.8 degreeCelsius. Q: Doctor, when the complainant was discharged, what was her condition?A: There was an improvement in her condition in general, although she is not completely stable yet. COURT CLERK: Do you swear to tell the truth, all the truth and nothing but the truth in this case?WITNESS: Yes Maam. Here is a trial script. Therewere also mood swings, particularly in the afternoon. When and where?A: Yes. Q: Would you know the reason why she suffered from that depression?A: Because she couldnt accept the untimely death of her parents. SUBAAN: No, Your Honor. Q: You said earlier that whenever the complainant is not around during your visit, Marielle was at the apartment, is that right?A: Yes, Your Honor. Exhibit A is the Contract of Lease being offered to prove that there is a stipulation on the quarterly conduct of pest controlmeasures by the lessor. The Independent Schools Mock Trial competition replicates the Bar Mock Trial competition with 15-18 year olds, however it is for fee-paying schools only. Mock Trial Prosecution Closing Argument Example. RabinoATTY. Q: Do you recall having attended on one Jedamica Mae Delos Santos at the Philippine General Hospital?A: Yes. Will you tell this Honorable Court why it lastedonly for such period?A: The patient responded well during our counseling sessions. -}DH�#���ӎ��>��Ы�g�����C��Y���ue�ق�u����8���W�1��!��@�! PROSECUTOR SANTILICES: I will show you a document, previously marked as Exhibit E. This is the Toxicology Report from the NBI onthe results of their chemical analyses of the sample taken from the grape fruit juice in the pitcher and of the sample taken from therodenticide or rat killer, Rat-A-Rest, found in the apartment of the complainant and accused. !e Mock Trial Script and Verdict Form ! JUDGEMENTJUDGE: Will the defendant please stand.(Ms. Q: Attached to the record of the case is a Medico Legal Report issued by one Dr. Reynier Dingle, is this the one you are referring to? %���� Q: Now, my question to you is: Is it possible Doctor that a grape fruit juice can be a source of the cyanide poison?

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