b) Cut seeds in half and place in container of TTC. Many factors, such as maturity level at harvest, age of the seed, mechanical injuries, disease infection, and storage environment, can influence seed vigor. SCOPE 1.1 Introduction ISTA, as an international organisation, has a goal of uniformity in seed testing. A visual check of the seed lot should be done for any seed coat cracking or other damage from insects and disease and a germination test carried out to identify the number of viable normal or undamaged seeds. In recent years there has come about a growing reali- zation among scientists, seedsmen, and seedgrowers that testing for purity and In addition, most of the testing methods can also be applied for Testing for the presence of seed borne diseases can be The need for seed testing methods that are reliable and reproducible among its accredited member laboratories is therefore a basic need for ISTA. Although vigor testing is not required by law for labeling of seed, many seed producers use vigor tests as a quality control to ensure that the seed produced is of high quality. GUPTA Seed vigour is an important quality parameter which needs to be assessed to supplement germination and viability tests to gain insight into the performance of a seed lot in the field or in storage. Seeds may be classified as viable in a germination test which provides optimum temperature, moisture and light conditions to Testing Q&As Testing Methods Accurate Testing, Exceptional Service ISU Seed Laboratory services include: Standard Germination Testing (AOSA, ISTA), Purity Testing and Noxious Weed Exams, Seed Health Testing (NSHS-Accredited), Trait/AP Testing, Vigor Testing (Cold, Saturated Cold, and AA), Tetrazolium Testing (Viability and Vigor), and Fast TESTING SEEDS FOR SEEDBORNE ORGANISMS 453 Testing Seeds for Seedborne Organisms ALICE M. ANDERSEN AND CHARLES M. LEACH THE TESTING of seeds for purity and germination is a recognized practice in many countries. The primary aim of ISTA Rules is to provide testing methods for seeds designated for growing of crops or production of the plants. 15. 3. ppt including a slides on each type of seed disperal method so that a market place type activity or carousel can be done. ISTA Method Validation for Seed Testing page 5 of 70 Approved by ECOM: 30.11.2006 Version: 1.0 ISTA Method Validation for Seed Testing-V1.0 Status: FINAL 26/01/2007 1. The quality of pulse seed should always be checked before it is sown. Several definitions have been offered to explain seed vigour. SEED VIGOUR TESTING P.e. Vigor testing does not only measure the percentage of viable seed in a sample, it also reflects the ability of those seeds to produce normal seedlings under less than optimum or adverse growing conditions similar to those which may occur in the field. Triphenyltetrazolium Chloride (TTC) Test (each lab group) Triphenyltetrazolium chloride (TTC) is a clear, water soluble compound which is reduced by respiring tissues to yield triphenylformazan, a water insoluble red pigment. a) Remove the seed coats from six seeds of your assigned seed group.

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