If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at any of the following: Work Phone – 802-769-5797 I will be arranging a location over the next couple of weeks. (The system is not symmetrical. Week 3: Assemble Rocker Box. The mains lampholder must be fitted with a suitably-fused 13 A plug. If you can get a check made out to the VAS for the workshop fee sent to me at your earliest convenience, then I will order your mirror kits, which will take about 3 weeks to arrive. Just like our Stellafane mirror class, these groups will help you learn how to make a telescope mirror, and provide guidance, instruction, and mentoring to help you with your project, and connect you with … Raise the telescope mount to shoulder height. Plans for any future telescope making classes are on hold due to the current difficulty of obtaining good quality telescope mirrors at a modest price. DO NOT LOOK AT THE SUN - take care that this is not possible. Home Phone – 802-879-7802 The Vermont Astronomical Society has put together a telescope workshop to assemble a telescope from a kit. You will learn about John Dobson and his reflector telescope, as well as how these telescopes work. I’m anticipating that each would last 2-3 hours and could even be done during weekday evenings. Our new set of videos gives teachers and coaches of physics a preview of the training we offer ahead of this term's live support sessions. A partner could hold the greaseproof paper to enable the observer to slide the eyepiece. The Institute is a charity registered in England and Wales (no. Design By. Grant moneys may be available for qualified educators. 9 Resources. Put the weak + 2.5 D lens in a holder at the far end of the mount or fix it firmly to the metre rule with Plasticine or Blu-Tack. There will be some homework involved, like applying flat-black paint to the inside of the tube and a color of your choice to the outside. No prior knowledge of telescope building is required. Roll the black paper to form 2 tubes ,the first should fit the larger lens and the second should be able to slide inside the first one. SC040092), Telescope mount or metre rule with Plasticine or Blu-Tack, Convex lens (+14 D), plano-convex if available, Convex lens (+ 2.5 D), plano convex if available, 200-watt carbon filament lamp (one per class). Practical Activity Work Email – rshorton@us.ibm.com Turn and tilt the mount until it is aimed at the distant lamp. Practical Activity Design By: You are still welcome to contact Bob Horton (see below) if you are interested, but we do not know when or if we will schedule another class. Again, if a plano-convex lens is used, the convex face should be towards the tissue. Explore the Night Sky with a Homemade Telescope. We will also have to work out a good date and time to hold the workshop meetings. Read our standard health & safety guidance. While we are waiting for the mirror kits, I will be purchasing the rest of the wood, tube and hardware (nuts, bolts, glue & screws) needed to assemble the telescope. 293851) and Scotland (no. Deep Sky Objects: Split colorful double stars; resolve the gem like galactic star clusters; see the wispy shapes of distant nebulae; and observe galaxies millions of light years from Earth. This telescope is far optically superior to the “typical box store telescope”. You can easily assemble a powerful 6″ F/8 Newtonian Telescope at this workshop. Have you ever wanted to explore the realms of the night sky? I’ve set the price at $340 for the whole kit minus any eyepieces. Using two convex lenses to make a simple astronomical telescope. Category: General Posted by: admin Build a telescope the Dobson way. Guidance in the use of software to make Millies-Lacroix plots. ______________________________________________________________________________________. Apparatus and Materials. The Springfield Telescope Makers, Inc. P.O. Copyright © 2013 VTastro.org All Rights Reserved | Box 601, Springfield, VT 05156 e-mail Stellafane Webmaster Page last revised on Monday, 2020-Nov-16 16:13:25 -0500 Please indicate in the memo portion of your check that it is for the for 14-16. Amateur Telescope Making Amateur Telescope Making offers a variety of designs for telescopes, mounts and drives which are suitable for the home-constructor. Using two convex lenses to make a simple astronomical telescope. Would you like to view other worlds in our Solar System or see the majestic glories of the deep sky objects? Price: $100 Class Meets every Saturday afternoon from Noon until 4pm. Now you can have that telescope you’ve always wanted and see these night sky wonders. Cut & Paint Tube (homework). It is best if the batten holder is one of the safety pattern where inserting the bulb operates a switch. You’ll learn the step-by-step method for grinding and polishing the mirror, building the mount, and assembling a complete telescope. You could say to students: Direct the telescope at familiar objects and look out through an open window. Encouragement to. This is largely due to Corning’s decision to no longer manufacture Pyrex glass. Telescope mount … ). Class practical: Simple demonstration of how the magnifying glass works. Catch the real image of the filament on a scrap of tissue or greaseproof paper -, Install the eyepiece, + 14D, as a magnifying glass to view the scrap of tissue with one eye. They may be surprised to find that the telescope image is inverted; this can make it hard to scan a scene. Telescope Making Class Plans for any future telescope making classes are on hold due to the current difficulty of obtaining good quality telescope mirrors at a modest price. Let me know if you have any preferences. Does the telescope picture of the lamp look larger than the picture seen by the naked eye? © 2020 IOP All rights reserved. If they are not both in focus at the same time, move the eyepiece forwards or backwards a little until you do see both clearly at the same time. Week 4: Finish & Tune Assembly. Looking at the printing on spines of books across the room can persuade students that their telescopes do really magnify. So, send your check, made out to the VAS, to: Robert Horton, VAS The eye at the eyepiece looks through the telescope at an image of the distant lamp; while the other eye, the naked eye, looks straight at the distant lamp. There are other types of glass with low expansion characteristic’s similar to Pyrex (some even better) but they are notably more expensive. Build Tube Cradle. For those of you that wish to also have us purchase eyepieces for you, we will work out the details at a later date. The first order of business is to collect the fees for the workshop so that we can order the mirror kits and purchase the materials for the tube and mount. Telescope Making Classes. If it is plano-convex, the convex face should be towards the object. Copyright © 2013 VTastro.org All Rights Reserved | Estimates of about $160 for the eyepieces or about $500 for the whole scope kit with eyepieces. This is largely due to Corning’s decision to no longer manufacture Pyrex glass. Home Email – rhorton16@comcast.net. How to perform the Foucault and Ronchi tests. Telescope Collimation & Operation. Class practical: Making a model microscope and measuring its magnification. It helps if the room is three-quarters blacked out. Attach Spider, Focuser, and Finder. Much is also unchanged - mirror grinding techniques are very similar to those written up by Porter and Ingalls in the 20´s and 30´s. This experiment was safety-tested in February 2007. This could damage students' eyes badly. Many amateur astronomers still choose to fabricate their own instruments, for the pride of accomplishment, the gaining of knowled… Take away the tissue, so that you are looking through a telescope at the lamp, with one eye. Week 2: RTV Mirror & Diagonal to Cells. For each student or group of students. Telescope Making Workshop. Basic grinding techniques to acheive spherical curve will be demonstrated. (A half moon shows the mountains particularly near the edge: a full moon glares. For comfortable use, the final image should be as far out as the object. Class practical. Attach Mirror & Diagonal to Tube. Suitable plano-convex lenses are available from the supplier: ASCOL. Ever thought of owning a telescope to view celestial wonders? The making of a pitch lap for polishing and figuring will done for each student. The following is a rough plan of what each meeting will involve: Week 1: Build Mirror Cell & Azimuth Base. A look at the Moon is not only a special delight; it can persuade pupils who have found focusing their telescope difficult, to succeed at last. 14-16. These experiments enable students to construct and experience for themselves a... For 14-16 I’m anticipating that the first assembly meeting will probably occur sometime in February and we should be able to complete the scope in just a few weeks (4 maximum).

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