Download your manual for Newage hardness testers and microhardness testers here. The testing, measurement, and analysis of the hardness of a metal is critical. Also referred to as “microhardness testing”, Vickers Hardness Testing is a simple procedure in which a diamond indenter is pressed into a material to create an impression to be measured and converted into a standard value. II. The Starrett micro-vickers hardness testers are versatile and user-friendly systems, designed for the accurate hardness testing of small precision parts, thin materials, coatings, wires and case depth determinations. The ZHV30 Vickers hardness tester covers Vickers hardness tests to ISO 6507, ISO 4545 and ASTM E384 in the test-load range from HV0.2 to HV30. The load range for Macro Vickers hardness test procedure can range up to 50kgs. The hardness of a material by this Rockwell hardness test method is measured by the depth of Penetration of the indenter. APPARATUS: Rockwell Hardness testing machine, Test specimen. The loads for Micro Vickers or Knoop hardness testing methods are typically very low, ranging from a few grams to 2 kgs. Vickers’ Hardness Test Equipment’s Operation Manual June 6, 2013 Initiators: Robert L. Smith and George E. Sandland at Vickers Ltd established The Vickers hardness equipment in 1921 as a substitute to the Brinell technique to quantify the hardness of materials. THEORY: HARDNESS- It is defined as the resistance of a metal to plastic deformation against Indentation, scratching, abrasion of cutting. Hardness Testing Vickers Hardness Test The Vickers hardness test method consists of indenting the test material with a diamond indenter, in the form of a pyramid with a square base and an angle of 136 degrees between opposite faces subjected to a test force of between 1gf and 100kgf. The full load is normally applied for 10 to 15 seconds. ZHV30/zwickiLine hardness testing machine The ZHV30/zwicki hardness tester is an economical solution for automatic series and hardness … The 3840A Micro Vickers hardness tester is a precise testing system suitable for hardness analysis of metallic specimens in metallography laboratories or production environments. III.

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