Done when corn dogs are golden brown; watch carefully, as they will burn easily in hot oil. FAVORITES CHICKEN WINGS PIZZA PUFF gyro - SHAVED OFF OF THE CONE! vienna sausage vs reg hot dog wienners. Kits Make Great Gifts! : Calorie breakdown: 77% fat, 3% carbs, 20% protein. 1410 Genicom DriveWaynesboro, VA 22980, Call Us: +1 (540) 569-4368 Deep fry in batches of five or so for about five minutes, depending on how hot your fryer is. These little sausages are usually a mixture of ground pork and ground beef, stuffed inside a thin casing and parboiled or smoked. the guy at the end ate it the best (dip once and add entire thing to mouth) lol anyways im tryin this tomoro hope it tastes yummy cus ive nnevr had a real corn dog b4 so here goes nothing! In German, the word wiener means Viennese. Plus the corn dogs are made with Vienna Sausages. Vienna Beef was founded in 1893. The hot dog was a hit, and Vienna Beef was born Once your batter is liquid, you're ready to dip your sausages in it. Several American companies were founded on producing canned meat, including Armour and Company and Libby's. baking power 1 1/2 cups milk 1 tbsp. Hi brendasue, thanks for pointing that out - use an egg! Call +1 (540) 569-4368. The Collator style of loader is used for frankfurters, sausages, snack sticks, pickles, and other products. Drake Company Hot Dogs Curved Sausages Canned Vienna Sausages Cheese Sticks Corn Dogs Other Cylindricals Loaders Overview LS-640-DR Roboloader LS-600R Roboloader LS-840/LS-1250 Loader CS-1800 Loader CSS-1800 Loader Honey/mustard - half cup of mustard and 3 tbsp. This simple recipe just requires a boxed corn muffin mix and a can of Vienna sausages. Insert wood skewers into wieners (5 inch wood shish kabob sticks - cut in half from 10 inches) and coat with corn dog batter. Deep fry in batches of five or so for about five minutes, depending on how hot your fryer is. First-in, first-out handling eliminates recirculation. Create a kid-friendly meal with Vienna sausage corn dogs. Wiener is, of course, another name for a frankfurter or hot dog. What do you suggest? F.R. / Need Help? Ingredients (about 20 mini-corn dogs) 3-4 small 99c cans of Vienna sausage 1 egg 1cup flour 1cup cornmeal 1tbsp. Fax: +1 (540) 942-2649, Want More Info? Mix all ingredients into a batter that is slightly thicker than pancake batter; this will make a typical corn dog coating - the thicker the batter the thicker the corn coating. tamale tamale boat SHRIMP BASKET Or 99.99c Corn Muffin Mix - follow box instructions and use as a corn dog batter. 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